I chose the name 'Shire Environmental' for this company as a reference to places that people call 'Home.'  In The Hobbit and Lord of the Rings trilogy, the Shire was the place that the hobbits lived.  It's the place that Bilbo and then Frodo (and his companions) left to go out into the wide and dangerous world.  As a result, throughout the stories the Shire is always remembered by all the hobbits as safe and as home.  The Shire in these stories is a place of rolling hills, farms, streams, villages, and overall pleasant-ness.  When the hobbits talk about the Shire they are immediately taken away to green-tinted memories and pastoral landscapes and feeling at peace.

I started Shire Environmental to help people help places they love, and I think most people have a 'shire' of their own that is a place or idea that they would work to save or protect.  Whether your own 'shire' is a trail through the wilderness or the family farm where you sleep every night, these places that we love feel like 'home' in some ways.  But like the hobbits, we are often called upon to 'go out that front door' and embark on an effort so that our 'shire' can continue into the future.  That's where Shire Environmental can help:  I can provide expert assistance and advice to organizations, landowners, and others to conserve and enhance what's important to them.